VFC Quick Response System – QRS Stock Black

A great option to use with our Titan batteries! Did you know VFC UK recommends Titan Batteries for Airsoft?

The VFC QRS Stock well adjust by pressing the latch in the middle which looks like a large trigger and it’ll slide along any stock tube out there. You can also open the butt pad which has ample room for any type of battery and makes things easier when it comes to battery changes. The stock suits all Mil-Spec buffer tubes.

There is a small rail system on the bottom for a vertical bipod making it easier for you to balance your rifle if you are using it for a sniper system. You’ll find a sling mount on the top, rear of the stock.

A great fitment solution for your Titan Li-ion batteries. Spacious storage compartment for batteries! A Titan 11.1v Nunchuck fits perfect, also the 7.4v stick is a nice option. Enjoy the convenience of plenty of battery space, with the modern looks of the VFC QRS! A nice upgrade for your Airsoft rifle, and our Titan Li-Ion batteries…

Features & Specs

  • High-quality, solid nylon polymer construction
  • Stiff design, does not bend or warp.
  • Adjustable length
  • Easy to operate adjustment lever
  • Easy access to the battery compartment requires no tools
  • Comfortable cheek rest
  • Sling attachment points
  • Small Picatinny rail section for monopod / various stock accessories

Compatible with these Titan batteries 

  • 7.4v 3000mAh Stick
  • 11.1v 3000mAh Nunchuck

Recommendation: Use the buffertube (2 cells) and end notch (1 cell), not the side tubes(!!) for our batteries.