Veluwe Airsoft is authorised dealer of the BeNeLux

A tactical training revolution

Next generation interactive targets

Airsoft, air gun & simunition options

Wireless & battery powered

Up to 65 targets over 3000sqm

Training, casual and competition modes

Digital displays & input / ouput expansions


Actionable statistics (Mobile or Tablet)

Performance monitoring & tracking

Shooter recognition & profiling

Online stats & leaderboards

Weapon change & reload drills

Membership system integration

Session management & reporting

Designed to take hits

Designed and manufactured in the UK

Solid metal construction

Ruggedised impact resistant facia

Robust wireless connectivity

Made for commercial use

App enabled with in-life updates

Versatile Deployment

Indoor and outdoor use

Target ranges with multiple lanes

Multi-room “kill house” configurations

Practical shooting courses of fire

Single & multi shooter rounds

Predefined training routines

Custom round builder

Match Automation

Custom solo & head to head matches

Automatic competitor enrolment

Automated multi-run scoring

Real-time leaderboards & online stats

Versatile scoring with drop runs & run averaging

Simplified match operations


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    Target Size

    Battery + Mount

    10 – Target Package

    10 – Target Package

    24 – Target Package

    LED – Light

    MANUAL & F.A.Q.






    STARTER SET €839,95

    • small range package
    • 6 targets any size with battery
    • combo mounts and charger
    • Other wishes for inquiry? Let us know!
    • Price depends on demand, international currency and producing
    • Optional +€84 Acces Point – Level one (more then 10 targets)