Refilling Station for HPA Tanks – DIN Screwed Connection


A refilling station for the filling of airsoft/paintball HPA tanks from a larger tank with DIN output thread. There are several options for refilling empty HPA tanks. Using a larger air tank as a supply reservoir is one of the best possible solutions available.

Simply screw the station on the large air tank’s output valve thread and tighten the nut on the station by hand. Then connect the HPA tank to the station’s output quick connector, and slowly open the output valve on the large air tank. If the HPA tank is filled too fast, it will start to heat up significantly. Therefore, the output valve has to be operated gently. Even if you fill the HPA tank slowly, it will still warm up. The pressure will drop as it cools down. It is recommended to let the tank sit and rest for several tens of minutes and then fill to the required pressure.

  • Filling HPA tanks from larger air tanks (like a scuba diving tank) is the best possible solution for most airsoft players
  • Output is compatible with any kind of airsoft/paintball HPA tank
  • Input DIN thread for connecting the large air tank
  • Made from steel
  • Package contains 1 refilling station