Nimrod NT Blackbird 39K CNC Motor Long Nimrod

The Blackbird 39K series is built with solid materials and is suitable for nearly every setup. Due to the high rpm, it also can be used in short stroked 0.5 Joules or under 1 Joule builds. Take care of the spring and sector gear management to prevent a pre interlocking which will cause a broken piston or sector gear.
Our magnets can withstand high temperatures up to 150°C
The armature is equipped with a cooling system as well as 0.8mm wires.

The cooling port near the end bell does provide impactful cooling without risking damaging the motor if any internals fail. The CNC machined end bell also does provide better cooling and better fit and endurance of the bearings inside the motor. The pinion gear is made of strong MIM technology material and with D-shape fitting, it is easy to change if you need to. It also provides a better force translation than O-shaped pinion gears.

We do recommend using it in the following setups
32:1 / 18:1 / 16:1
Springs: M100 to M140