The Dominator™ 62/3000 HPA Aluminum tank is a DOT approved aluminium HPA tank mounted with one of our top standard regulators. Every Dominator™ regulator is ISO 10297 compliant and fulfils all the requirements and standards. Dominator™ HPA Carbon Tanks are handcrafted, factory tested and are known for the best performance as HPA utilities.


– 1L / 62CI (Cubic Inches) Capacity
– 1.39Kg
– Length: 310mm
– Diameter: 90mm
– 5/8-18UNF-2B (Thread size)
– Ideal for airsoft / Paintball HPA system
– Strong Aluminum Construction
– Low-Profile, Lightweight Design
– 5 year hydro date
– Standard Dominator™ Regulator included
– Dual burst disks-HP and LP
– ISO 10297, DOT Compliant
– O-ring seal design to prevent leaks
– Ball Valve style regulator design giving 30% improved flow over pin valve designs
– Made in Taiwan